Groundhog Day Family Fun Activities

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Will there be six more weeks of winter? Even though Groundhog Day is far from a scientifically proven way to judge whether the chill and snow will stop (or stick around), it’s a fun-filled family-friendly holiday to celebrate.

How can you celebrate Groundhog Day with your kids? Take a look at these easy activity ideas!

Groundhog Play

Put on your own family play. Cast characters, make a Punxsutawney Phil costume and tell the story of the groundhog and his prediction. If you’re not sure where to start, use a picture book as the basis for your play.

Groundhog Art

Draw pictures, paint portraits or make masks of Phil. Choose an art activity that everyone in the family can do. This may mean adapting a craft to suit both older and younger children. If one project doesn’t work for your toddler, preschooler and teen, give every child their own job. This allows them to work together, but at their own pace.

Groundhog Puppet Show

Make your own groundhog puppets, using paper bags or craft sticks and plates (the plate is the animal’s face). Create your own puppet theater from a large recycled box. Stage a puppet show, creating a cute story that follows Phil and his big day!