Halloween Party Activities for the Whole Family


Are you on the hunt for Halloween party activities? If you’re planning a family-friendly holiday event, check out the ideas that will keep your guests busy (and entertained!) for hours.

Scavenger Hunt

Set up a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt that takes the kids around the house or yard, looking for clues. Create clues that focus on the holiday and your party decor, such as, “Find the spooky spider web” or, “Search for the ghoulish ghost.” Divide the kids into teams and let them loose! End each team’s hunt with a Halloween “treat.”

Ghost Race

How fast can a ghost race across the yard? If your party includes outdoor activities, divide the kids into two teams and line them up. Each child needs to float, flow and move from the start to the finish in ghost-like motions. The first team to finish wins the race!

Spider Crawl

Add on to the ghost race with a spider crawl. Keep the teams in line. Have the first child crouch down on the floor, propped up on their hands and feet (like a crab walk). They must “spider crawl” to the finish line one at a time. Again, the first team to get all their players to the finish wins.

Pumpkin Paint

Give each child a mini pumpkin, tempera paint and paintbrushes. Ask them to decorate the pumpkins in their most imaginative ways possible.