Host an Earth Day Clean-Up Event

Outdoor park

Earth Day is coming up and you want to hold your own event. Now all you have to do is plan it. What should you do and what’s your next step? Get the kids and the community involved, and set up an outdoor clean-up for Earth Day!

Pick a space.

Ask your local neighborhood park association (or other park/community organization) if you can hold a clean-up. If the park isn’t an option, ask the kids’ school if they are willing to sponsor your event at the playground or other outdoor area. Avoid areas that border busy streets (especially if you have children attending), have hazardous waste or are on private property that you don’t have permission to use.

Let people know.

Decorate posters for the event. Use paints or markers to create ‘ads’ that list the important details. Go even more eco-friendly and reuse the backs of old posters or papers.

Get the gear.

Either ask the participants to bring their own ‘cleaning gear’ or bring enough for everyone. You’ll need heavy duty gloves, garbage bags/recycling bins and possibly ‘grabber’s to pick up hard to reach trash.

Recycle it.

Just because the park or playground is clean now doesn’t mean that the garbage has to end up in a landfill somewhere. Sort the trash into paper, plastic and other recyclable categories. Bring it your neighborhood recycling facility or schedule a special pick-up.