Kids’ Activities to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

picnic dessert

The Wednesday of the last full week of April marks Administrative Professionals Day. How can your child help the administrative pro in their life (whether it’s mom, dad, a family friend or a parent’s administrative assistant) celebrate this special day? Check out these easy Administrative Professionals Day crafts and activities for kids to try out!

Crafty Card

Go simple and fold a piece of construction paper in half, and then let your little one draw a picture on it. Or, up the creativity factor and try a torn paper collage or a painted portrait. Your child can paint a mini portrait of the administrative professional on the front of the card, and then write a special message inside.

Faux Flowers

Yes, of course your child can give the administrative professional in her life real flowers. She can pick them from the garden (or from the floral shop!). She can also craft her own flowers that won’t wilt in a week. Stack three or four sheets of colorful tissue paper. Use one color, or combine a rainbow of hues. Cut the paper into circle shapes. Gather the stack of tissue at the center and twist it. Wind the end of a green pipe cleaner around the twisted area (making a stem) and fluff the flower out. Craft a few to make an artsy bouquet.

Picnic Lunch

Surprise your administrative professional with a kid-created in-office picnic lunch. Your child can stack sandwiches, make a healthy green salad and add in her favorite types of fruit. Complete the meal with a celebratory cupcake. Have your child frost the cupcake and decorate it in a completely creative way. Use icing to write letters, drizzle chocolate syrup on it or cover it with colorful sprinkles.