Kids’ Activities to Celebrate World Science Day

Kids' science

November 10th is World Science Day! Dedicated to promoting the sciences, this ‘day’ brings children and adults the chance to learn, explore, discover and experiment. How can you celebrate World Science Day with your child?

Explore the States of Matter

Solid to liquid and liquid to solid transformations are easy experiments to do at home. Even toddlers and preschoolers can get in on the science action while making water (or another liquid) change forms. Add a few drops of food coloring to water, freeze it and make colorful cubes. Put the rainbow ice on thick white card stock and observe how it melts. As a bonus you also get a creative color-mixing activity too!

Discover Light and Shadow

Take a trip outside and make some shadows. Help your child trace her shadow onto the sidewalk, a concrete patio or the driveway. Go back later, have her stand in the same spot and trace where the shadow is now. Compare the two and see what happens.

Experiment with Physics

Teach your child about gravity and its effects with a simple science exploration. Gather together a few everyday objects (make sure that they are different sizes and weights). Drop them from the same height and compare how they fall. Ask your child to tell you why the objects fall at different rates.