Kids’ Activities for World Ozone Layer Day

Ozone layer

Your budding environmentalist can learn a thing or two (or more) by celebrating World Ozone Layer Day. September 16th marks this Earth-friendly day. If your child shows an interest in science and helping out the environment, check out these activity ideas.

Read a Book

Start out your Ozone Day activities with some research. Read a book with your child that features a non-fiction account of what’s happening to the environment. Books such as “The Ozone Layer” by Rhonda Lucas Donald, “Mario and the Hole in the Sky” by David Diaz and Elizabeth Rusch or “Ozone Hole” by Sally Morgan are all easy reads that are appropriate for young children.

Make a List

Walk around your home and take note of everything that might contribute to ozone layer depletion. This includes anything that is made from CFC’s (mostly older appliances). Refrigerators made before 1995 and AC units made before 1994 fall into this category. Ask your child what changes she thinks are needed to reduce the effects of CFC’s and stop ozone depletion.

Draw a Picture

Understanding the ozone layer isn’t always easy for younger children. Make it concrete for them — with paper and crayons. Use a book or a science website to base the drawing from.