Kids’ International Volunteer Day Family Activity Ideas

helping others

December 5th is International Volunteer Day. You don’t have to be an adult to volunteer for a good cause on this special day — or any day for that matter. Teach your child about the benefits of volunteering, and help them to help others, with a charitable family experience. Where can you volunteer with your child? There are several options for giving back, depending on your child’s age. Take a look at some meaningful volunteer ideas for yourself and your child.

Toy and Clothes Donation

Your tot is too young to volunteer at a soup kitchen or help build a house. But they can go through their old playthings and clothes and pick items to donate. Talk about why you’re giving away some of your child’s used toys/clothes. Bring your child with you to the donation site and have them do the big hand-over.

Nursing Homes and Senior Centers

Children of all ages can find volunteer opportunities in nursing homes or senior centers. A younger child can draw pictures or make holiday cards for the residents, while an older child, tween or teen can visit with the seniors or help out with a class (such as an exercise or music class).

Reading to Pets

Some animal shelters host volunteers to read to their dogs. Call or visit your local animal shelter to see if they have a volunteer reading program. If not, ask what you can do to help organize one. This benefits both the children who are doing the reading and the dogs who are loving the interaction.