Kids’ National Aviation Day Aircraft Craft

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Your crafty kid can learn a thing or two (or more) about the world of flight during National Aviation Day. Celebrated annually on August 19th, this day also happens to coincide with Orville Wright’s birthday. Even though your child might not be able to take a flight or build a plane, they can spend some time focusing on all kinds of aircrafts. This easy-to-make craft also helps young children to learn about colors and shapes (obviously, along with aircrafts).


  • Craft felt- 8×10-inch sheets
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Optional: Clear-drying school glue

How-to Steps

  1. Discuss different types of aircrafts. Ask your child to list ‘things that fly’, excluding birds and anything else that comes from nature.
  2. Pick a few different types of aircrafts to focus on. Ask your child to describe what the aircraft choices look like. If they aren’t sure look at pictures in books or online. Have your child select shapes that fit into the aircrafts design. For example, a plane’s wing looks like a triangle.
  3. Cut the craft felt into the shapes needed. Your child can free-hand cut the shapes or trace stencils with markers and then cut them out.
  4. Place a plain piece of craft felt onto the table or work surface. Your child can puzzle together the shapes to make airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons or other aircrafts.

Your child can glue the aircrafts down to make them permanent. Or, they can take the felt pieces apart, pack them up and reuse them to make more aircrafts another time.