National Children’s Health Day Activities

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The first Monday of October marks National Child Health Day. Even though this isn’t exactly a “celebration” type of holiday, you can take time to recognize some of the issues surrounding children’s health. What can you, and your family, do on this day? Take a look at some simple ways to honor National Child Health Day.

Do Some Research

If your kids are healthy, count yourself as lucky. Help them to help others who aren’t as lucky by learning about, and eventually donating, to a cause. Research a few different charitable organizations that help children with specific illnesses or chronic conditions (such as childhood cancer or type 1 diabetes). Decide as a family which one, or ones, you’d like to support. Ask each family members why they want to support this organization.

Fundraise for Charity

After picking an organization to donate to, it’s time to fundraise. This doesn’t have to be a major event (even though it can be). Something simple, such as doing chores for a neighbor, can help your child earn money. Make sure that your child lets the neighbors know that she’s earning money to donate to a charity.

Find Other Ways to Help

Even though donating money to a charitable cause that helps children with illnesses or chronic conditions is a major way to help, it isn’t the only option. Ask charities and organizations about what else you can do. This might include creating care packages, making quilts or any number of other opportunities.

1961 Press Photo Mrs. DeAlton Neher & daughter Sarah- National Child Health Day picture

1961 Press Photo Mrs. DeAlton Neher & daughter Sarah- National Child Health Day