National Dog Day

Prepare to pamper your pooch! August 26 is National Dog Day. Founded in 2004, this holiday celebrates pups of all kinds and serves to remind everyone just how many dogs need homes. How can you take part on this dog-gone great day?

Spend Time with Your Pet

Think of the everyday things that you do with your dog. Take your puppy to the park, go for a walk or just sit and cuddle. Even though this is a ‘holiday’, you don’t necessarily need to go over-the-top to celebrate. If you don’t have time to bake a doggie dessert (but, wouldn’t that be fun?) you can try something simple such as a family jaunt around the block with Fido in tow.

Make a Treat

Not a chef? Don’t worry. Pinterest is flooded with DIY doggie cakes. Keep the ingredients simple, using only canine-friendly choices such as pumpkin puree, bananas and peanut butter. You can also blend together your ingredients and freeze them to make National Dog Day pupsicles.


Don’t have a dog of your own? That shouldn’t stop you from celebrating this holiday. Make a donation to your local animal shelter or a national animal rescue group. This is also an easy way to teach kids about giving back and helping others.

Get Crafty

Get the kids together and craft up a doggie paper bag puppet or use a paper plate (as the pooch’s face) to make a stick puppet!