National Grandparent’s Day Kids’ Card Crafts


How can you celebrate National Grandparent’s Day? If you’re on the hunt for an artsy way to mark this special day, check out these crafty card ideas!

Portrait Card

Help your child to paint their own portrait of grandma and grandpa. Give your creative kiddo an 8×10-inch piece of card stock paper. Position the paper vertically and fold it from top to bottom. Choose a favorite family photo that features your child’s grandparents. Ask your child to draw what they see with colored pencils or crayons on the front of the card. After your child draws the portrait, they can paint it with temperas. Wait for the paint to dry, open the card and write a special message inside.

Pop-Up Card

This card craft also starts with an 8×10-inch piece of card stock paper. Fold the paper in half, again from top to bottom. Ask your child to write a Grandparent’s Day greeting onto half of another piece of card stock. Use crayons, markers or colored pencils to write a rainbow of letters. Cut the greeting out, making a bubble around the letters. Cut a rectangle-shaped tab from another piece of paper. Fold the tab in half. Position the folded tab so that bottom lines up with the bottom of the letter bubble. Tape the top part of the tab to the back of the greeting and the bottom to the inside of the card. Your child can draw a special picture on the outside of the card to complete the craft.

Abstract Art Card

This option is ideal for toddlers and young preschoolers. Fold an 8×10-inch piece of card stock and place it on a piece of thick cardboard or a flattened garbage bag. The cardboard or bag can catch the paint-y mess. Give your child tempera paints and a paint brush. Let them splatter the paint onto the front of the card, creating an abstract piece of art. Wait for the paint to dry, open the card and write a message to the grandparents. You can write the words for your child and then ask them to trace over the letters with a marker.