Parents Day Activities for the Whole Family

family meal

The fourth Sunday of July marks Parents Day. Unlike Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, this day celebrates all important adults in a child’s life. How can you celebrate Parents Day? Check out these fun family ideas!

Family Craft

Instead of setting up the art table for your child and watching as she crafts alone, get in on the action. The whole family can work on one craft together. Try a handprint paint project in which each family member paints their hand a different color. Print everyone’s hands onto the same piece of paper, t-shirts or the borders of a picture frame. You can also work on a group photo collage, adding pictures of each family member. Or, make a family sculpture, reusing old boxes and cartons.

Family Meal

Don’t let one family do all the cooking on this special day. Get the whole gang together and cook as a group. Younger kids can measure and mix ingredients, teens can help prep and the parents can use the oven or stove.

Movie Night In

Pick a favorite family film and watch it together. Set up a home theater in the living room, make a popcorn buffet (set out a variety of toppings), craft “movie tickets” using paper and markers or roll out the red carpet for a star-studded event.