Parent’s Day Book Picks for Kids

Parent's Day

The fourth Sunday of July is Parent’s Day! You’ve made a meal, decided on a few (or, more than a few) fun-filled family activities – now what? End the day with a special parent-child book reading session. These literary selections are perfect for young children, and focus on parent themes.

Are You My Mother? By: P.D. Eastman. In this classic early reader a confused baby bird tries to figure out who his mother is. While your preschooler might not be able to read the words yet, she’ll enjoy this easy read.

How to Put Your Parents to Bed, By: Mylisa Larsen and Babette Cole. With vivid water color illustrations, this tale features a funny role reversal. Your child will get a kick out of this laugh-out-loud pick.

Born to Be Wild: Baby Mammals and Their Parents, By: Lita Judge. Not all parent-child pairs are people. This book focuses on animals, their young and what they do.

How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans, by David Larochelle and Mark Fearing. It’s an imaginative story about green beans, family and a little girl! This wacky book is perfect for kids ages 5 through 8.

Meet the Parents, By: Peter Bently and Sara Ogilvie. This book takes a look at all the things that parents do, in a humor-filled way.

I Love My Mommy Because… By: Laurel Porter Gaylord and Ashley Wolff. Told through animals, this loving book about the parent-child relationship will hold your tots interest night after night.