Parents’ Day Family Celebrations

Parents' Day

You know about Mother’s Day. You know about Father’s Day. But, what about Parents’ Day? That’s right, it’s a real holiday. Celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July each year, Parent’s Day was created in 1994. What can you do to mark this family-focused day?

Get out. Outside that is. It’s July, and that means the weather is just right for plenty of outdoor activities and adventures. Take the kids to pool, make your own backyard beach (fill up a wading pool and set a towel in the sandbox), go on a nature hike, take an afternoon bike trip or head out to the playground together.

Make a meal. Don’t get stuck in the kitchen by yourself. Gather the whole family and make a Parents’ Day meal. Younger children can help to measure and mix, while tweens and teens can do prep work and tackle some of the cooking. Ask the kids to come up with a menu that features your favorite foods – to celebrate mom and dad!

Have a game night. Turn the TV off, skip the screens and make all tech taboo for the night. Get out the board games, play charades or use the deck of cards that’s been collecting dust on the shelf. Game night isn’t just fun. It also gives the family a chance to sit down with each other and talk.

Grow a garden. Work together to plant a few flowers in the yard or garden space. The kids can paint rocks with the holiday name and date to add to the garden or you can help them to make cement stone handprints that mark Parents’ Day!