Places to Read for International Literacy Day

reading day

Reading is the obvious answer to, “What should my child do on International Literacy Day?” But that certainly doesn’t mean you have to sit at a table across from each other and read a book at your child. Instead, try an interactive reading session — where your child gets involved, asks questions, points to pictures and even takes over some of the storytelling.

Where should you try one of these celebratory reading sessions? Check out these fabulous family-fun spaces that will make your International Literacy Day reading activities even better!

Your Yard

The backyard is an easy outdoor option for your reading activities. Bring a nature-focused book outdoors, spread a blanket or beach towel on the grass and read the afternoon away.

With a Flashlight

Set up a tent in the yard or in the playroom. Wait until it’s dark (or turn off the lights if you’re inside) and read with a flashlight. If you have an older child, try a spooky ghost story. For younger children (who may scare easily), try a camping-themed book.

Pile of Pillows

Make a comfy place to read with all the pillows you have. Create a reading nest by lining your living room with rows and rows of pillows. Pretend that you’re reading on a cloud or make an igloo with the pillows.

Animal Action

Read with an audience of animals nearby. Gather all of your child’s favorite stuffed creatures and have your child read in the middle of their very own zoo!

1993 Press Photo Knights on International Literacy Day, The Great Books Series picture

1993 Press Photo Knights on International Literacy Day, The Great Books Series