How to Plant an Arbor Day Tree

planting tree

What’s the perfect day to plant a tree? Arbor Day! That said, throwing a few seeds into the ground or buying the first sapling you see at the home improvement and yard store simply won’t do. Understanding what type of tree to pick and how to plant are key to your Arbor Day activity.

What do you need to know before you’re ready to go and grow?

Match the tree to your purpose. Do you eventually want to shade an area? You’ll need a larger tree with longer branches. Maybe you want something that adds color to your yard. You’ll need a flowering variety for this purpose.

Look at root space. If you have a very small outdoor area, you might not have enough space for a larger tree’s roots.

Prepare the soil. Your new tree needs plenty of drainage. Make sure that the grade of your outdoor space allows for this. Creating raised beds helps to add more drainage on flat yards.

Create a hole that’s the ‘right’ size for your tree. You can dig down as deep as the tree’s root ball. Make sure that it’s two to three times wider though.

Don’t add organic matter (such as compost) directly to the hole. Fill the hole back in with the soil that you’ve already dug up.

Add mulch if you want. But, don’t push it up against the tree’s trunk.

Now your Arbor Day tree is ready to grow! Make sure to give it plenty of water. Continue to care for your young tree long after the holiday is over.