Pretend Play Ideas for National Aviation Day

aviation day

How can you celebrate National Aviation Day with your kids? Well, there are plenty of ways to observe this aircraft-filled holiday. But, if your children are all about pretend play, you can take the imagination factor up a notch with an aviation theme. How? Check out these dramatic play ways that kids can take part in National Aviation Day!

Be an Airplane

This is a super-easy way to pretend play with aircrafts. All your child has to do is stretch out her wings (i.e., her arms) and fly away. She can swerve, glide and taxi down an imaginary runway.

Play Passenger

Pretending to be an airplane isn’t the only way to make a dramatic play. Your child can play the role of the passenger. Put together a few chairs, making an aisle. A sibling (or you) can take on the part of flight attendant, serving up a meal.

Pilot Talk

Grab an old cardboard box (a large moving or appliance-sized box) and turn it into your child’s very own airplane. Paint the outside, add wings (made from paper or poster board) and draw controls inside with crayons. Your child can out on a pilot’s costumer (make one out of dad’s old blazer and a hat), get into the box and take a flight today!