Public Service Day Activities for Kids

Public Service

June 23rd marks Public Service Day. This day was founded by the United Nations as a way to recognize the men and women who serve the public in key roles. Help your child to better understand the importance of this holiday with a fun-filled celebration activity!

Play Eye Spy

Your young child may not know what public service means. Help him to get a grip on this idea with a game of ‘Eye Spy’. Take a walking tour around your neighborhood or drive through – looking for people who work in public service positions (such as the police, fire fighters or crossing guards). Point out the people and count as many as your child can find.


Go through the dress-up bin, looking for public service costumes. Pick out fire fighter costume pieces or have your child dress like a teacher. Act out a scene. Your child can role play what a public servant does, getting in some creative drama time too!

Write a Bio

Older children and teens can do online research (or head out to the local library) on famous public servants. Your child can then write a brief bio, create a timelines and even add in pictures.

See a Lecture

Find a local lecture given by a public servant. If you can’t find one, invite a service speaker to your school or community event.