Read Across America Activities for Toddlers


How should you celebrate Read Across America Day with your toddler? On March 2nd you can help your little learner to start a lifetime love of literature with a book-themed activity. If you’re not sure where to start, read on for easy ideas that will entertain and educate your child.

Make Your Own Book

Use cardboard, construction paper and a few family photos to create your own picture book. Cut the board and paper to the same size, glue or tape the photos on each page and write words to accompany the pictures. tell the tale of your family’s history, highlight holidays or create your own story. Punch holes on the left side of the cardboard and paper and thread a ribbon through each. Page through the homemade book with your toddler on Read Across America Day and every day after the holiday.

Animated Action Story-Time

Create your own at-home story-time, reading a children’s book with animated voices. Make a different voice for each character, acting out the story for your child.

Move to the Book

How do the characters in your toddler’s favorite book move? Choose an animal-packed book and ask your child to move like the critters and creatures you’re reading about.