Reused Cardboard Tube Crafts for Earth Day

recycled crafts

You’re feeling eco-friendly and are ready to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd! Get crafty and put all of those used cardboard tubes (from your paper towels) to re-use. How? Check out these easy Earth Day recycling art activities.

Make an animal. Paint the tube, add a pair of googley eyes and craft a favorite creature. Glue on feet made from the side of a reused cardboard box (such as a cereal box) or add felt for texture.

Build a castle. Cut the tubes into different sizes, tape or glue them to a large box and paint the castle! Draw on a door and windows, and add decorations with markers.

Design a mobile. Cut the tubes into different sizes or use the scissors to make a spiral shape. Paint them, color with markers or draw on stripes using crayons. Punch a hole in each tube (using a hole punch), tie a piece of yarn through each hold and attach the other end to a stick. Hang the stick up and experiment with how the wind (or gravity) pulls the mobile.

Go simple. There’s no need to create complicated crafts every time your child wants to get artsy. Simply set out some temperas and let your little artist finger paint!