Tips for Picking the Perfect Father’s Day Present

Wrapped gift

Not sure what Father’s Day gift to get dad on his big day? You’ve read the articles on the ’50 Best Gifts for Dad-, you’ve taken a turn (or two) around the mall and you’ve asked friends what they get for the guy in their life. Whether you’re buying a gift for your own father or helping your child buy one for his, picking the ‘just right’ present isn’t always easy. Before pointing and clicking on the first thing you see online, check out these tips for finding the perfect Father’s Day present!

Consider a DIY.

A handmade coffee mug (even if it can’t actually hold hot coffee), a painted picture frame or a photo collage are all crafty way that young kids can make their own gifts for dad. This is an easy (and fun!) option if you have young children who enjoy art activities and aren’t exactly mature when it comes to gift selection.

Make gift cards personal.

A gift card is one of the easiest options out there. It’s one-size-fits-all and dad isn’t likely to toss it into a drawer and never look at it again. That said, it can seem somewhat impersonal. Personalize a Father’s Day gift card by making sure it’s something dad likes. Interview dad first, asking questions such as, “If you had one place to eat dinner, where would it be?” or, “If you had a choice between buying yourself a new shirt, seeing a movie or downloading your favorite songs, which would it be?”

Watch dad.

When you’re shopping, surfing online or talking about favorite new gadgets, watch for ideas. Dad may be giving you subtle clues!

Review past purchases.

What did you get for dad last year? What about the year before? If dad wasn’t into the dress shirt, go in a totally different direction. But, if he truly enjoyed the homemade dinner, try it again this year.