Valentine’s Day Heart Pillow Craft

Kids' craft

Valentine’s Day crafts are all about the heart. Literally! This easy no-sew fabric project is simple enough for children as young as 3-years to try. Use craft felt to make a pretty pillow for a doll’s bed, a decoration or a sweet treat holder. Create a basic version or dress up the heart pillow with glitter, sequins and more!


  • Craft felt in Valentine’s Day colors (pink, red or purple)
  • Scissors
  • A marker
  • A hole punch
  • Optional: Clear school glue, glitter, sequins, fabric pens


  1. Fold an 8×10-inch sheet of craft felt in half. Make the heart any size that you want (avoid very small sizes, as they present a challenge for your child to work with).
  2. Draw half of a heart, with the center at the fold.
  3. Cut out the drawing. Unfold the felt to reveal a full heart.
  4. Trace the heart onto another piece of felt. Cut the heart out.
  5. Punch holes around the edge of one of the hearts. Space the holes about 1-inch apart. You may need to cut off any remaining felt that sticks to the holes.
  6. Stack the heart on top of the one without holes. Use a marker to make dots where the holes should go.
  7. Punch holes out at the dots.
  8. Cut a thin piece of felt to ‘sew’ the heart together.
  9. Start weaving the felt strip though the holes.
  10. Before the heart is sewn shut stuff it with scrap felt.
  11. Finishing threading the felt through the holes and tie it at the end.
  12. Optional: Glue on glitter or sequins, or draw a design with a fabric pen.