Valentine’s Day Rose Crafts


Forget about a plain bouquet. Step up your Valentine’s Day rose game with an artsy activity. These holiday crafts provide the perfect opportunity to keep your kiddo on a chilly winter day and celebrate the most loving of holidays. used the finished products as holiday party decorations or give them as gifts to friends and family members.

Heart Wreath

Draw a large heart onto a piece of scrap cardboard. Add a smaller heart inside. Cut the outer heart out. Poke a hole through the center of the board and cut the inner heart out to make a wreath shape. Squeeze clear-drying craft or school glue onto the cardboard. Press rose heads onto the glue. Fill the entire piece of cardboard with the flowers. If you don’t have enough flowers to completely cover the space, add tissue paper (fluffed into flower-like shapes) to the mix.

Rose Frame

Create a cardboard rectangle or start with a blank, unfinished wood frame. Remove the petals from half a dozen roses. Paint the frame with a mixture of school glue and red or pink tempera paint. Sprinkle the petals onto the frame.

Faux Roses

If you don’t want to use real roses, create your own bouquet of faux flowers. Cut red tissue paper into circles. Layer the paper together and pinch it at the center. Wind a green pipe cleaner around the pinched part of the paper and fluff the tissue.