World Day for Cultural Diversity Kids’ Activities

diversity day

Celebrating World Day for Cultural Diversity means, well – celebrating an array of cultures. This is the perfect opportunity for your child to explore the world and what different cultures have to offer. Observed on May 21st annually, this day gives everyone the chance to discover how other people around the world live. So what can you do to help your child celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity? Check out these kid-friendly ideas!

Cultural Cuisine

Ideally, you could go to a cultural food fair to celebrate this special day. If that’s just not possible (in other words, there isn’t one on that day), try a restaurant. Or, you could attempt to cook a meal from another culture – with your child. Find a recipe that both you and your child can agree on. Keep in mind, this doesn’t have to be a full dinner. It can be a dessert, a salad or anything else. Visit a specialty grocery store and take your finds back to the kitchen.

Read Books

Check out a few nonfiction books from the local library. Pick one culture to focus on, looking for books that explain ceremonies, famous/historical figures or even everyday life. After you read the books with your child, have her create her own book. Younger children can draw pictures based on what they’ve heard, while older kids can craft in-depth stories.

Childhood Comparison

Help your child to better understand the similarities and differences between her culture and other ones with a comparison. Make a list of things that she does every day, holidays and her favorite activities. Now research what a child from another culture (your child can pick the culture) does. Read books, us the Internet or talk to friends from the other culture.