World Friendship Day Celebrations for Kids

Friendship day

July 30th marks World Friendship Day. Your child can celebrate her friends with a few fun-filled activities! From crafty creations to a day out, these holiday-themed celebrations mark a day that’s all about forming and nurturing friendships.

What can your kids do on World Friendship Day?

Make bracelets. Weave friendship bracelets using yarn or create bendy bracelets from craft sticks. How? Soak thick craft sticks in warm water until they start bending. Curve them into a bracelet shape and let them dray. Wrap them in yarn or glue on decorative papers.

Have a picnic. Make a picnic lunch, throw down a blanket in the backyard and invite a few friends over for a fun-filled outdoor lunch.

Bake friendship cupcakes. Invite a few friends over and head to the kitchen. Bake cupcakes together (kids can measure and mix, while mom and dad do the actual baking). The kids can frost the cupcakes, making pairs of designs – symbolizing their friendship.

Visit a museum. Take a trip to a local art museum. What does this have to do with friends? Walk through the galleries, looking for artworks that are pictures of friends. Point out the pieces, asking the kids why the people in the paintings (or sculptures) look like friends. After the museum trip, go home and let the kids draw or paint their own ‘friendship art’.