World Meteorological Day Activities for Kids and Families


March 23rd marks World Meteorological Day. Celebrate this weather-related day with a few fun-filled family activities. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these creative ideas for kids of all ages!

Today’s Weather Painting

Take an easel outside and “record” the day’s weather. If you don’t have an easel, don’t worry. Unfold an old cardboard box and place it on the ground. Put a piece of paper on the cardboard—or paint directly onto the cardboard! Ask your child to observe the weather and paint what they see. If it’s actively raining, bring an umbrella outside to shield the artwork or paint under a porch.

Weather Movement

Can your child move like the wind, rain or snow? Can they become the sun? Ask your child to move like the weather, dancing, swinging, skipping and gliding around the living room.

Act Out the Weather

Create your own family play that focuses on the weather. Spend a morning, afternoon or evening together, penning your family’s own “weather play.” Assign roles, makes costumes, get artsy and make your own props, craft a set and hold the play for your child’s favorite imaginary friends, an audience of stuffed animals or grandma and grandpa (virtually online).