World Meteorological Day Kids’ Calendar Craft

child weather

Combine science and art in this World Meteorological Day kids’ activity. Your little learner can make discoveries, explore and create — all in one project. This activity is easy to adapt and is perfect for kids in preschool and up.

If your budding scientists is ready to get started, read on to find out how they can learn about the weather by making their very own “What’s it doing outside?” calendar.


  • Card stock paper
  • A hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Crayons or markers

How-To Steps

  1. Create a one-week calendar, using one piece of card stock for each day. Your child can make a new weather calendar each week. Store them together to create full months or entire years.
  2. Stack seven pieces of card stock together. Punch two holes at the top of each piece of paper.
  3. Cut two pieces of yard. Thread one piece through each set of holes, binding the calendar together.
  4. Label each page with the day and date. Your child can choose where they want to add this information.
  5. Take the calendar outside every day to observe the weather. If the weather allows, your child can draw what they see (such as the sun or the clouds) on the paper. When the weather is cold, rainy or too snowy to go outside, your child can observe and record the weather by looking outside from a window.