World Ozone Layer Day Activities for Preschoolers

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September 16th is World Ozone Layer Day. While your preschooler may not completely understand the science behind ozone depletion, that doesn’t mean you can’t mark this day with a lesson (or a few!) on the subject. Starting early is an easy way to help your child develop a true understanding of the impact that people have on the planet. These activities are simple solutions if you’re not sure how to share information on the ozone layer and other similar topics.

In-Home Scavenger Hunt

This isn’t exactly the type of scavenger hunt your kiddos are used to. Instead of searching for a prize, you’ll search (together as a family) for items, objects and appliances that can contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. These include styrofoam plates/cups or an old refrigerator.

UV Activity

Without the ozone layer, the UV rays from the sun would cause major problems for life on Earth. As ozone layer depletion happens, the risk of developing skin cancers increases. Likewise, other living things can suffer from the changes that the more intense UV rays can cause. To illustrate how the ozone layer protects us, place a doll or toy on a table. Point a flashlight (the sun) at the doll/toy. Hold a piece of tissue paper over the flashlight. Poke holes in it to show your child how the light changes as the tissue (ozone layer) is destroyed.

Pictures and Posters

Help your child to remember World Ozone Day with a constant reminder. Give them paper, poster board, colored pencils, crayons and markers to create with. Your child can draw the Earth and what they imagine the ozone layer would look like hanging over it.