World Ozone Layer Day Activities

Sunny sky

World Ozone Layer Day is September 16. Sure, there aren’t any presents, parades or parties. But, this holiday happens to be eco-important to a high degree! Without the ozone layer humans, animals and all of the Earth’s living creatures wouldn’t be able to exist. The release of chemicals (such as CFCs) into the air depletes ozone, leading to destruction in the atmospheric layer. In recognition of World Ozone Layer Day gather the kids together and try a few of these Earth-friendly activities!

Science Screen

Try a simple science experiment, showing your child how the ozone layer protects the Earth’s surface from harmful UV rays. Turn on a desk lamp – representing the sun. Place small-sized dolls or plastic toy animals under the light, on a desk or table. Now place a piece of cardboard between the light and the toys. This acts as the ‘ozone layer’. Ask your child if it shields what’s under it, how and why.

Read About It

Is your child still not sure what the ozone layer is and why we need it? Read a kid-friendly non-fiction book on the subject. Easy reads such as The Ozone Layer (True Books: Environment) by Rhonda Lucas Donald and Burning Up: Losing Our Ozone Layer by August Greeley can help your young students to learn more about the atmosphere and environmentalism.

Imagine the Effects

September is still warm in many parts of the world. Go outside on a sunny day and ask your child to imagine what the weather would be like without the protective ozone layer.