World Poetry Day Dramatic Play Activities for Preschoolers


Celebrate World Poetry Day on March 21st with a dramatic play activity! Your preschooler is ready to learn about poetry. While you might not want to start with the classics you read in college, you can begin this literacy lesson with an age-appropriate poem. Choose a poem from a favorite book or create your own together. After you have a poem in-hand, you’re ready to start the dramatic play. Check out the fun-filled drama-focused activities to try out on World Poetry Day.

Create A Story

Turn one poem into a full-length story. Read the poem with your child, talk about the meaning and create a one, two or three-act play based on the concepts, characters, setting or ideas. You can write out the play for your child. Have them help you to create costumes, assign character roles and make props. Act out the story for friends, family or an audience of dolls, action figures and stuffed animals.

Dress As A Character

Even though a full-length play is a creative way to engage in World Poetry Day, it’s not the only option. If you’re looking for an activity that may not require as much prep time, try a simple character study. Your child can select a character from a poem or make up their own based on the words. Help your preschooler to find a costume, put on makeup or transform themselves into the character!

Read and Act

Stage a dramatic reading of the poem. As you read the poem, act out the words. Next, read the poem for your child and ask them to do the same. Repeat this dramatic play game with other poems.