World Poetry Day Family Activities


March 21st marks World Poetry Day. Help your child to celebrate this special day, and learn more about the written word, with a few fun family activity ideas.

Poetry Reading

Stage a poetry reading—in your living room! Ask each family member to choose their favorite poem or a series of poems written by a beloved poet. Clear a space, create a stage area and give everyone their own chance to express themselves dramatically. After the reading is over, discuss the poetry together as a family.

Poetry Painting

Ask your child to turn their favorite poem into a 2-D piece of artwork. Give your child paints, paper and brushes. Encourage them to paint a scene or portrait based on the poem. If they don’t want to create a literal interpretation of the poem, they can paint their feelings onto the paper or a canvas in an abstract way.

Poetry Book

Create your own family poetry book. Ask each family member to pen their own poem onto a piece of 8×10-inch paper. Sandwich the poems between two pieces of cardboard, punch holes on the left side and bind the book with yarn or ribbons. Your child can also create a cover, using markers, colored pencils or crayons.