Halloween Home Decorating Faux Foliage Fall/Halloween Garland Page 3

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First unpack or unwind the garlands. You will need to “Fluff” the leaves. When faux plants are packed for shipping they are usually crammed into their packing box. “Fluff” up the garlands with your hands, working the leaves and branches to make the leaves look natural.

Next take one end of each garland and start to twist the 2 garlands together. (Pix) If you find one garland is longer than the other after you have finished twisting you can either tuck the longer end back into the garland or you can cut off (using the wire cutters) the extra piece. The extra leaves from the left over piece can be used to fill in if there are any empty looking spots on the finished garland.


Now that the garlands have been twisted together you need to, again, fluff the leaves. Make sure the fall leaves and the grape leaves really intertwine. You want the strong colors of the fall foliage to really mix up with the green of the grape leaves. This way the colors of the finished garland aren’t to “hot” from the fall colors.


This will also give a good background to the fruits and vegetables, which will also have nice strong fall colors. Remember to orient the leaves so they look natural. If you are not sure take a look out your window and observe the leaves of the trees nearby.


Once the garland is fluffed it is time place it where you want. In my sample I put my garland across the top of the armoire in my living room. Other options include the fireplace mantel, sofa table, in your front hallway (entryway). You could also decorate a window, draping the garland across the top, much like a Christmas garland.