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If the garland does not stay in place you can attach it with the wire. Cut a piece of wire longer than you need. Wrap the wire around the garland wire twisting it to keep it in place. Determine how many pieces of wire you will need based on the number of points you think you would have to attach to keep the garland in place.


I attached 2 pieces of wire, one at each end of the armoire. I centered the garland and let the ends drape over the ends of the armoire. Once I decided where to attach the garland, I tapped a large (display) pin into the top of the armoire.


Display pins are large and strong pins used by display artists in retail stores. They look like giant versions of sewing pins. You should be able to find large pins in your craft store or display supply store. You can also use small nails (brads) or even thumbtacks.


Lightly tack the pin (or nail) in place and wind the wire from the garland around the pin. Make sure the wire is tight. Do the same on the other points you wish to attach. Depending where you put the garland, you might not have to attach it at all. If you place on a nice wide mantle or sofa table, for example, the garland might fit in place with out any help.


Once you have the garland in place it is time to attach the fruits and vegetables. I found it helpful to add a wire to the back of each piece of fruit or vegetable. I stuck a pin into the fruit/veggie and wrapped a piece of wire around it. Do this to each piece you are using. When the pieces are ready it is time to add to the garland.


Where to place the fruits? …