Rare Zuni attr. Leekya Deyuse Carved Bear Necklace w Birds and Bears by CheeChee

Rare Zuni attr. Leekya Deyuse Carved Bear Necklace w Birds and Bears by CheeChee

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Rare Zuni attr. Leekya Deyuse Carved Bear Necklace w Birds and Bears by CheeChee:


WHAT IS GREAT ABOUT IT: Leekya Deyuse was considered the greatest Zuni carver of all time. The bear form is one of his classic carvings and I guarantee that he is the carver of the middle bear fetish. This necklace is chillingly gorgeous! It is strung on the original cord with heishi strung between each of the carvings on a 22" long necklace. There's one Leekya bear carving in the center of the necklace and the other bears and the birds are by George Haloo Chee Chee. It comes from a private collection and it is one of the great treasures in Zuni history.

There is a limited amount of Leekya's work available in the world; I don't think it will be less expensive as time goes by. I think it will be more expensive as time goes by. It will always be spectacular, as this necklace is.

It's a completely wonderful necklace which I'd wear every day -- his carvings have life. I find his work to always be breathtaking and the most collectible of all. It's not something from which I wish to part and I believe you won't want to, either!

BACKGROUND: Leekya Deyuse was the greatest carver in Zuni history who worked for C. G. Wallace and is well represented in the C. G. Wallace Sotheby's catalog. He was vastly talented. He was most known for his fetishes. Truly a great master, his work commands top prices and is in the best museums and galleries. It is so hard to find his authentic work. It's not like you'll have a lot of other opportunities to have one of his authentic pieces, and if you do, I'd recommend collecting them all. They all have a powerful spirit. This is a museum quality piece. He is one of the most important Zuni artists from the CG Wallace period and his naturalistic free form style of work has become one of the hallmarks of that era.

George Haloo CheeChee is an early renowned carver who carved the other pieces in this fabulous necklace. I've included one of his pages in Zuni The Art and The People which show birds and bears that match those in this necklace other than the central one which is a Leekya Deyuse bear.

CONDITION: The carvings are in excellent condition. I see nothing on the necklace that endangers the integrity of the piece.


• central carving 1-3/8" L x 3/4" H

• length end to end is 22"

• CheeChee bears are from 7/8"-1"L x 5/8" to 1/2" H

• Chee Chee birds are 1" L x 1/4" H

• there are 5 bear carvings, two birds

• weight 28.39grams

• unsigned but the attribution is with high confidence and guaranteed to be Leekya Deyuse for the center bear and for George Haloo CheeChee for the other four bears and two birds

SUMMARY: This necklace is a great unique masterpiece carved bear necklace by Leekya Deyuse strung onheishe with a few turquoise beads. All the other bears and the birds were carved by the great CheeChee. The absolute best necklace for anyone to wear and collect. The softcolorations are elegant and the design simple but the carvings arefabulous and have life as their carvings always do. You can never do better than this.


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Rare Zuni attr. Leekya Deyuse Carved Bear Necklace w Birds and Bears by CheeChee:

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