Celebrate World Friendship Day Across the Globe

Global kids

What are your kids doing on World Friendship Day? Well, if you said spending time with friends – you’d have the obvious answer! Along with celebrating our BFF’s, this holiday also helps everyone to understand friendships in a global way. Take the opportunity that this special day gives to learn about friendships that cross borders. How?

Understand Allies

Start by asking your child what an ally is. If she can’t answer, help her to figure out the definition (she can look it up online or in a book). Now, take the discussion to a world-wide level. Do some research on allies, such as the allied nations during World War I or World War II. Your child can write up a mini book report, draw pictures or create a shoe box diorama that depicts what she’s learning.

Friends Around the World

Does your child have an international pen pal? If so – she’s already got an understanding of what children in other cultures do and are like. If not, create an imaginary friend. Help your child to look up (online or in books) information on kids in other countries. She can find the answers to questions such as: What to children wear? What do they eat? What is their school like? What type of music do they listen to? Put together all of the facts into one pretend friend!

Promote Peace

Promoting peace is a focus of World Friendship Day. Your child can brainstorm ideas that promote peaceful thoughts and actions across borders. This can include any idea that your child can think up!