Children’s Books for World Humanitarian Day

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August 19th is World Humanitarian Day. While the concept may seem advanced for your young child to pick up on, you can help him to learn what a humanitarian is and how these very special people save, care for and shape the world. How? Through a children’s book or two! Check out these great reads for young kids on World Humanitarian Day.

Who Was Mother Teresa? By Jim Gigliotti and Nancy Harrison. Elementary school-aged children can read about this famous humanitarian, her life and her work – in a way that’s entirely easy to understand.

Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom, By Carole Boston Weatherford and Kadir Nelson. This Caldecott Honor book pays tribute to Tubman and her history. Perfect for kids in the early to mid elementary grades.

Nelson Mandela: “No Easy Walk to Freedom”, By Barry Denenberg. The biography of the notable humanitarian can teach a history lesson to older kids. Try this information-packed read with your child who is in the later elementary middle school years.

Grandfather Gandhi, By Arun Gandhi, Bethany Hegedus ad Evan Turk. The story of Mahatma Gandhi as told by his grandson. This very personal story is perfect for younger kids, in preschool and the early elementary years.