Cinco de Mayo Learning Activities for Kids

flying flag

May 5th marks Cinco de Mayo! This celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. Take the time on this holiday to help your child learn about Mexico, its history and the people of the country. How? Check out these child-friendly activities that promote learning and celebration.

Read a book.

Visit the local library and look for age-appropriate books on Mexico. You can choose a focus – such as culture, history or notable people. Books for younger children include titles such as Look What Came from Mexico by Miles Harvey, Fiesta by June Behrens or Frida by Jonah Winter and Ana Juan.

Write a biography.

This activity is a perfect tie-in to reading a book. Pick a famous figure from Mexican history (or a well-known current figure). Read non-fiction books and/or do some online research. Your child can write a biography, create a timeline or draft a report.

Paint a portrait.

If your child read a biography, or wrote her own, she can now take the famous figure and paint a portrait. Grab some tempera paints or water colors and create an imaginatively colorful picture.

Make an illustrated map.

Turn a plain piece of poster board into a picture-filled map of Mexico. Instead of just including major cities, your child can add pictures of places where history has happened, major pieces of architecture or geological features!

Draw a flag.

Celebrate the Mexican flag with a drawing activity. Your child can use markers, crayons or colored pencils to re-create the symbol.