International Literacy Day Activities for the Family


How can your child celebrate International Literacy Day? If you’re not sure how to mark this book-filled holiday, check out the fun-filled family activities your kiddo will want to try!

Family Read-a-Thon

Who can read the most books? Kick off a family read-a-thon on International Literacy Day. Keep a log of each family member’s books or make a poster for everyone to see. Set a time-table, such as a week or a month, and count the books to determine who wins. The winner gets a special prizeā€”a new book!

Book Themed Treats

Whip up a few book themed treats to eat. Make a cake shaped like a book or create an entire meal based on your child’s favorite story. Get creative and decorate dessert items with ideas straight from the book’s narrative or design a paper menu that looks like a book.

Story-Time Art

Magically transform a beloved book into a mural, collage, portrait or puppet. Break out the paints, crayons, paper and glue and get crafty! Your child can choose a favorite character, re-create a setting or tell a story through their art. Display the art for the entire family to see or have a group story-time using your child’s masterpiece as the focus.