International Literacy Day Activities for Your Family


Celebrate International Literacy Day with a few fun-filled family activities! Your preschooler loves books! But you’re not sure how to mark this special reading-themed day. Check out the art, drama, creative and cooking ideas that your kiddos can try on International Literacy Day.

Book Poster

Your preschooler can create their own poster to promote a favorite picture book. Give your kiddo the chance to browse books at home or at the local library. After they choose one, read the book together as a family. Discuss the book as you read it–talking about the characters and setting. Your child can turn what you talk about into their very own poster! Use crayons, markers or paints to decorate a large piece of poster board with pictures based on the book. Help your preschooler to add a title, the book’s author’s name and the date of the holiday to their artwork.

Book Play

Turn your family’s favorite read into a play. Audition for character roles, work together to pen a script, choose costumes from the dress-up bin and make scenery in your home’s art area. Put on the play for other family members, friends or neighbors.

Book Treats

Create a buffet of book-based treats to celebrate this literacy-focused day, Bake a cake that’s shaped like a book, make a meal based on the foods in a beloved book or turn cupcakes into characters from books with creative decorations. Let your kids help mix and measure ingredients as you whip up tasty treats. After the baking or treat-making is done, line up the finished products on a table and invite a few friends over for a Literacy Day party.

1993 Press Photo Knights on International Literacy Day, The Great Books Series picture

1993 Press Photo Knights on International Literacy Day, The Great Books Series