International Literacy Day Puppets, Collages and Other Crafts for Kids


How can you celebrate International Literacy Day with your child? Help your kiddo to start a life-long love of reading with this special worldwide day. Along with reading plenty of books, your crafty kid can get artsy and create a literacy-themed project. Check out these easy ideas for preschoolers and young children.

Build a Book

Use construction paper or card stock to create your own storybook. Your child can draw pictures on each page. If they can’t write words by themselves, sketch the letters lightly with a pencil and let your child trace over them. Punch two to three holes along the left edge of each piece of paper (line each paper up to make sure the holes are in the same place on each page) and stack the book. Thread yarn or ribbon through the holes to bind the crafty creation together.

Make a Puppet

Who is your child’s favorite literary character? Choose one person, animal or other character from a book and create a themed puppet. Place a paper bag on your work surface with the flap facing up. Your child can draw the face onto the flap and the body onto the rest of the bag.

Create a Collage

Cut out pictures or photos that tell the story of your child’s favorite book. Use cardboard or poster board as a base for the collage. Your child can glue each picture to the base to complete the craft.