International Volunteer Day Ideas for Young Children

Christmas gift

December 5th is International Volunteer Day! Celebrating this day gives you the chance to show your child how important helping others is. Obviously, not all children can volunteer. Or, at least, very young children may be restricted by their age. Volunteer opportunities such as serving homeless people at a community kitchen aren’t always options (organizations typically only allow older teens and adults to work with food prep and serving). So, what can your young child do to mark International Volunteer Day?


Food, warm clothes, blankets, toys. These are all items that many charitable organizations need. Whether it’s canned goods that go to a food pantry or new toys that go to a women’s and children’s shelter, your child can volunteer to collect almost anything that helps to do good. Your child can also collect Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday gifts to give to children who are in need.

Senior Helper

Senior citizens in nursing homes and other care facilities will get a kick out of your little one’s antics (and a smile too)! Given that International Volunteer Day is right around the winter holidays (such as Christmas and Hanukkah), your child (with your help) can volunteer to hand out holiday presents at a nursing home, sing Christmas carols or create holiday cards to hand out.

Clean Up

Your child can help the community that she lives in by volunteering to clean up a local park. Look for organizations and groups who regularly hold clean-up days. If your community doesn’t have a group that already organizes clean-ups, start one yourself. Get a few other parents from your child’s preschool together or ask your neighbors if they want to beautify the community.