International Youth Day Activities for Kids

youth day

August 12th is International Youth Day. Celebrate the young person in your life with a few family-fun events and activities! Also known as World Youth Day, this holiday acknowledges the accomplishments, successes and achievements of youth across the globe. So, what can you do to mark this day?

Learn About Youth Athletes

Your child is sporty to the max. She plays soccer, does gymnastics, skis, skates and is constantly on the go. Help her to understand that top athletes aren’t always adults. Do some library or Internet research on youth and teen athletes. Your child can read a biography or create her own (by writing a report or drawing portrait-type pictures).

Acknowledge Accomplishments

International Youth Day doesn’t just mean celebrating other kids. Pick a recent accomplishment or ask your child to tell you something that she’s proud of. Type up an award certificate on your computer or hand draw one. Have your own in-house ceremony and present it to her as a symbol of this special day.

Make a Mural

Pick a Youth Day theme, and get artsy. Roll out plain wrapping paper or butcher paper. Use markers, crayons or tempera paints to create a kid-focused mural – made by and about children!