Indoor Activities for Kids on July 4th

Kids' art

Happy Fourth of July! It’s Independence Day and you have a bountiful backyard barbeque scheduled. You’ve created ‘the’ grilling menu of the season and prepped games galore for the kiddos. There will be relay races, an obstacle course and 4th themed red, white and blue outdoor crafts. But, then it started to rain. Now, the entire holiday celebration is inside and you have a room full of kids to entertain. What can you do?

Check out these easy indoor July 4th kids’ activities!

No-Mess Art

You could break out the paints and paper. But, you’ve got too many pint-sized guests to contain the mess. Instead, add small amounts of red, white and blue paints to clear plastic zipper bags (just enough to mix around, but not enough to fill the bags). Toss in some red, white and blue glitter or star-shaped sequins. Seal the bags and cover the zipper part with masking tape. The kids can squeeze, squish and mix the paint – minus the mess.

Living Room Eye Spy

Play a patriotic game of ‘Eye Spy’, using the flag’s colors. Have one child ‘spy’ something in the room that is either red, white or blue (pick a color first). The rest of the guests have to guess what the ‘spy’ is seeing.

Indoor Décor

Move the outdoor party décor indoors. Have the kids help to hang up streamers and flags or dress the buffet table. Roll out a piece of butcher paper (or use white gift wrap) for the kids to create a July 4th banner. Use markers or crayons to write a star-spangled message!