5" Marble Classic Candle Stand Mother Of Pearl Inlay Occasional Gift Decor E312


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5" Marble Classic Candle Stand Mother Of Pearl Inlay Occasional Gift Decor E312:

Product information
  • Size: 5" Inch
  • Material: Marble & Semi Precious Inlay Stone
  • Color: As Photo
  • Finished- Polished
Process of Making Marble Inlay
  • We are inlaying semiprecious stones in three different colors of marble White Marble,Black Marble & green marble.
  • The Marble used to inlay the semiprecious stone comes from city of Makrana, Rajasthan India.
  • First we cut the marble in different shape example Round,Octagonal,rectangle,oval & square shape.
  • After cutting the marble we paint the surface of marble with Hina(red Color) so we can sketch the geometry on the surface of Marble.
  • With the Help Of emery wheel we cut,polish & shape the semiprecious in different forms of flowers,buds,leafs & stems all the cutting of the semiprecious stones are manually cut by the artisans.
  • After cutting the semiprecious stones we assemble them to complete the motif & then the semiprecious stones are placed on the surface of marble so we can trace them on the surface of marble to make the exact size of the cavities once the stones are traced we remove the stones from the surface of marble & then manually we chisels the marble with the diamond chisels & tungsten caroffere chisels once the cavities are completed we place the semiprecious stone in the cavities to check the depth of the stones.
  • When we are fully sure that the stone fits well in the cavities we use special kind glue to fix the semiprecious stones into the marble.
  • After completing the inlays into the marble we first rub the surface of marble with sandstone & then we polish the surface of marble with sandpaper which brings the natural shine on the surface of marble & to the semiprecious stone & we use wax polish to make the surface shiny.
  • Most interesting expect of this pietre dure( marble inlay with hard stone) all the designs are made by the artisans are purely an imagination of artist once made they cannot make another one exactly the same it will look similar but will not be the same.
  • This beautiful art is a dying art of Agra,India the artisans those make this beautiful art are the descendants of those families who built the Tajmahal in 17 century Tajmahal is a monument of love & you can easily see the artwork done with the same technique on the walls of the Tajmahal.
  • I Invite you to come to Agra,India & visit the beautiful Tajmahal & you will surely be impressed & we request you give us a chance to show you the true handmade art of Agra by our artisans.
  • When you are purchasing this beautiful handmade Marble inlay art you will always be happy because all the pcs made by our artisans with love,hope & happiness.
  • You will always be enjoying the beautiful handmade marble inlay artwork secondly you will be supporting the local artisans of Agra,India to keep this beautiful dying art Alive.
  • All the purchase benefits the artisans & the buyer as there is no middle men in selling & USE OF THE PRODUCT
    • It is beautiful for decorative handmade Inlay Art add Royal Ambiance to your Home.
    • You can use this as a Hotel, villa, home use & interior decorations, Wedding Occasion & Corporate Note
      • If You Are Looking Something Customize, Let Us Know We Will Make For You As Per Your Design, Size & Shape.
      • Marble inlay handicrafts & other natural marble products are handmade products, colors of semiprecious stones & marble used may slightly vary from the image shown.
      • Equipment & Accessories are used only for photography purpose which does not ship with the Shipping & Packaging