Videos Relating to the Assasination of Martin Luther King, Jr.



We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn’t matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. So I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.


Excerpt from “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” Speech

(Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last speech. Given the night before he died)


A more complete audio version of Martin Luther King’s last speech
w/still photos of the times



Walter Cronkite had almost finished broadcasting the “CBS Evening News” when he received word of Martin Luther King’s assassination. His report detailed the shooting and the nation’s reaction to the tragedy. (CBS News)



Audio remarks given by Robert F. Kennedy
announcing the death of Martin Luther King. Jr.



Audio remarks given by Robert F. Kennedy
on 5 April 1968, the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. died