DIY Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Halloween costume

Halloween costumes don’t have to equal pricey store-bought outfits. Before you give your credit cards a workout this fall, swap the expensive ready-made gear for the DIY kind. As a bonus, making your own kids’ Halloween costumes gives both you and your child the chance to get creative and come up with imaginative ideas. Check out these easy-to-make children’s costume ideas!

Mighty Masks

Whether your little one wants to be a caped crusader or a guest at a masked ball, making your own disguise is easy. Reuse the front of a cereal or cracker box (instead of buying new cardboard sheets). Cut it into a long, thin oval. Cut two eye holes near the center. Glue craft felt, sequins, glitter or craft foam on the cardboard. Punch a hole at each end and tie the mask together with a pretty ribbon or piece of yarn.

Techy Time

Transform your child into a super-computer, cellphone or any other square/rectangle type of tech-time device – using a box! Cut arm and head holes in a large-sized cardboard box (leave the bottom completely open). Use markers, paints or paper and glue to decorate the outside of the costume.

Novel idea

Play up your child’s favorite book character with a cute costume. Pick a person, gather clothes that fit the character and get ready for trick-or-treat time.

Super Skeleton

If your child has black pants and a matching top, you’re in business. Simple decorate the outfit with white duct tape, making x-ray type bones on the outside.