Easy Labor Day Crafts for the Family to Enjoy


Celebrate Labor Day with an afternoon of family-fun crafts! The kiddos can get in on the artsy action, while the adults help them along. These easy ideas are perfect for holiday parties, picnics or an at-home art adventure.

People Puppets

What do the loved ones in your child’s life do for a living? Have them ask parents, grandparents, older teen siblings, aunts, uncles or other family members about their jobs. Use paper bags, crayons and markers to create people puppets, featuring your family members’ jobs. Turn the bottom of the bag (with the flap) into the puppet’s face and use the rest for the body.

Labor Garland

Your child can draw pictures of people in different jobs on poster board or thick card stock paper. Cut the pictures out, punch a hole in each side and thread yarn or ribbon through to attach each one to another. Now you’re ready to hang the garland for a Labor Day display!

Congrats Card

Celebrate hard work—with a card. Your child can fold card stock paper in half and decorate it with crayons, markers or pencils. Ask them to draw a picture of a family member at work and then write a special message inside.