Halloween Candy Recipes

Holiday chocolate

Along with trick-or-treating comes the obligatory mountain of Halloween candy. While letting the kids snack on some of it is part of the celebration, you can also use the sweets to make a few creative goodies!

Halloween S’mores

You’ve already got the chocolate covered. So, why not add in a marshmallow and two graham crackers? Pop the stack into the microwave for a few seconds or toast the marshmallow outside. If you want to go bold, add a caramel or cookie bar.

Candy Surprise Brownies

Bake a batch of ooey, gooey chocolate brownies filled with Halloween candy! Chop up a few chocolate bars and mix them into the baking batter. You can also melt a few chocolate pieces on top for an extra pinch of sweet flavor.

Cupcake Candy Insider

Before you pour the batter and bake, drop a whole mini candy bar inside of the cupcake liner. Choose a peanut-centered bar, caramel cruncher or even a white chocolate treat. Bake the cupcakes like you normally would. When they’re done, the cupcakes will have a tasty little secret inside.

Fruit Fun

Healthy fruit and Halloween candy? Yes, the two of them can mix! Before downing all of those chocolate bars, melt a few in a microwave-safe bowl. Dip a few strawberries, pear slices or peeled bananas in to the gooey goodness (making sure not to touch the hot chocolate with your hands). Set the chocolate-covered fruit on wax paper to chill in the fridge for an hour before eating.