Labor Day Community Helper Kids’ Craft

police officer

Labor Day is more than just a day off from school or the chance to catch some really stellar sales. This U.S. holiday celebrates the contributions that workers have made to their country! How can you help your child to understand the importance of this special day? A community helper life-sized portrait is an artsy way to get kids into the Labor Day spirit.


  • Butcher or rolled paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors


  1. Ask your child to pick a community helper or a job that he admires.
  2. Trace your child. Have him lie down on the paper. Using the marker, trace around the outside of his body.
  3. Draw the community helper onto the tracing. Your child can use the markers to add a face, hair and clothing. Make sure that the clothes fit the job. For example, a doctor would wear scrubs or a lab coat and a fire fighter would have on boots, protective gear and a hat.
  4. Cut around the outside of the drawing.

Your child can create more than one Labor Day community helper. He can choose a few different jobs to draw onto the portraits. Line up the workers, taping the artwork to a wall. Discuss what each person does and why this job is so important!