President’s Day Kids’ Coin Crafts

President's Day

Put the commanders-in-chief on display in this artsy President’s Day activity! Celebrate historical giants such as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington with a crafty coin creation. How? If you have a penny and a quarter, you’re half way there. Start by showing your child the coins. Ask her to take a good look at them, noting the picture on the front. Talk about the pint-sized portraits on the coins (make sure that your child understands that these are our past presidents). Grab a piece of paper and a few markers or crayons. Cut the paper into a circle and invite your child to draw one of the coins (including the present) with the markers/crayons.

After your child draws her own penny or quarter, take the real deal and try this easy art activity.


  • Pennies and quarters
  • Thin computer/printer paper
  • Unwrapped crayons
  • Chalk (in colors)
  • Cardboard


  1. Place the cardboard on your work surface. Line the pennies and quarters up to make a pattern, create a design or scatter them randomly. Make sure that they are heads up (so that you can see the presidents’ faces).
  2. Place the paper on top of the coins.
  3. Turn the crayon on its long side. Rub the crayon over the paper-covered coins to reveal an image! Your child can also use the chalk to get a slightly different effect.